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5 Marketing Tips to Get Your Customers Coming Back

One of best ways to keep your marketing consistent and working together is to choose the right campaigns for your business. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers or build relationships with current customers —your marketing tools must work together in order to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Here are 5 tips that all marketers need to try:

1.       Get Feedback

Feedback is one of the most valuable assets to your company. Not only does it build and maintain customer relationships, but if used correctly can actually solve some of your biggest marketing challenges and problems within the business.  Asking for feedback can keep people engaged and interested in your products and services.

One method of feedback is surveys. This can keep people interested in upcoming business plans and ideas, for example the launch of a new line of products. By involving your audience in business planning activities, you can receive a higher response rate in the promotion stage.  Sending a survey via email can also improve the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts.

2.       Start a Newsletter

 As you can probably tell, we have recently issued our first company newsletter.  The reason for this is that research revealed that newsletters work (Constant Contact). Scheduling email newsletters to your target audience can greatly build brand awareness and promote your company.

Providing updates on recent achievements, case studies and projects can build credibility and status with your customers. Sending a newsletter with helpful information and advice, you’ll have a chance to build the loyalty and trust you need to keep customers and clients coming back, and avoid losing them to the competition.

3.       Host an event

With the rapid proliferation of the digital age in recent years, it is easy to overlook the traditional offline marketing activities.  Hosting an event can be an excellent form of networking for lead generation and building your customer base. Events give you the opportunity to display your industry expertise face-to-face to your customers and target audience.

Events can also allow you to build your company database by encouraging attendees to subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates on future events and relevant information.

4.       Offer an Offer

Offer your target audience an incentive to choose you over competitors. Creating a plausible and credible offer begins with understanding the needs and wants of your customers, and using that information to create something based on those needs to achieve your goals.

When creating an offer ask yourself:

-          What does my most loyal customer need and want?

-          What type of incentive encourages action from my target audience?

-          What makes my business referable above competitors?

Considering these questions will help attract and engage people and encourage them to act on your offers, because you’ll be giving them something that they are interested in.

5.       Promote through Facebook

Social Media is at the heart of any online marketing strategy in today’s business world and Facebook is the predominant king of social media.  If you are already ready using Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for your business, you will value its importance in maintaining relationships with customers and your target audience.

But what about turning those interactions into new business prospects?

Well one way to do this is by using Facebook promotion tools such as boosted posts, sponsored stories, Facebook advertising campaigns and scheduled posts to target your audience directly and get them to take action.  Apart from your daily status updates and posts, these promotions are designed to give your fans something to act on immediately such as entering a competition, downloading content for redeeming an offer. Examples include competitions, offers, coupons and downloadable content.

Working Together

As stated above, in order to attract and build customer relationships consistency is key. All of your marketing efforts and tools in your business must work together.

Be sure to create a marketing strategy and plan that brings new customers back again and again and strive for success!