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Christmas Advert Favourites 2013

Blog 17/12/13

Christmas Advert Favourites 2013

When Christmas adverts start to appear on the TV it’s a sure sign that Christmas is almost here. They are warming the hearts of our nation and lifting the festive spirit in households all around the country. 2013 has been a year of creative and magical Christmas adverts, but which are our ultimate Christmas crackers this year?

1.       Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s have really upped the ante this year and are pulling out all the stops for the perfect Christmas marketing campaign. The well known supermarket chain has created a 45 minute feature film using actual, real life home videos sent in by their customers. The video entitled “Christmas in a Day” is aimed to tug at our emotional heartstrings and showcase how the brand plays an important role in everyday life and means something to everyone and anyone. By moving away from the traditional form of Christmas adverts, the supermarket has clearly differentiated itself and created a memorable, moving campaign that has lead them to seasonal stardom!

To watch Sainsbury’s advert please click here.

2.       Marks& Spensers

M&S have teamed with Rosie Huntington Whitely, David Gandy and Helene Bonham Carter to create a Christmas fairytale inspired advert that looks expensive and has celebrity appeal and status. The advert conveys a mash-up of The Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin and Hansel and Gretel creating a whole new meaning to innovative and creative marketing. This fantastical and dreamlike advert showcases the stores luxurious and finest products making it one of the most memorable adverts this year to date.

To watch the M&S advert please click here

3.       John Lewis

John Lewis has opted for a different approach this year featuring animated woodland animals from the well known The Animals of Farthing Wood. The advert tells the tale of a bear awoken from his sleep by an interfering hare and its ‘gift’ of an alarm clock, who is bewildered by his hibernation. The idea behind it is that the perfect gift can make the perfect Christmas. Accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack of Lily Allen’s rendition of “Somewhere Only We Know”, this advert has hit one of the top positions on TV this Christmas.

To watch the John Lewis advert please click here

4.       Boots

This year’s Boots advert is a lovely idea. The ad sets the scene of a teenage boy wearing a hoodie, assuming that he is going out to cause some trouble, but in fact it turns out he is an appreciative Santa delivering gifts to people that have done something nice or kind for him in the past. The gifts he delivers are all Boots products that can bought in every store. The advert is sending a message that Boots have special gift ideas for everyone, even your maths teacher!

To watch Boots advert please click here