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Feedback: A Missed Business Opportunity

Blog 23/05/14

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

- Thomas Edison

Missed opportunities happen all the time when marketing a business. It is extremely important not to overlook the small opportunities that arise within your business and let them slip away. One such opportunity includes business owners failing to seek feedback from the people that matter most- customers.

Customer feedback is a vital component of efficient growth for any business. If you are not asking for it consistently you may be missing out on the chance to build and strengthen customer relationships and identify your biggest marketing challenges. The problem could be a simplistic one with an easy solution such as content ideas for your next newsletter or how to manage your time effectively on social media; or it could also help you understand how to improve your customer experience.

Feedback is vital ingredient in determining the needs and wants of your customers, particularly when introducing a new product or service. There are 3 primary types of feedback:

1. Interaction-based feedback

2. Anytime Feedback

3. Planned Feedback

Interaction based feedback is the idea that when people or customers interact with your business, you encourage open dialogue with them. This shows your customers that you care and value their opinions. After an event, sale or client acquisition, customer experience is fresh in the memory of your customers. This short period of time is vital for feedback.  Customers will be able to recall their experience easily which will then in turn result in more detailed feedback.  Issue an email based survey to your audience during this period and keep it short and relevant. This will encourage your customers to comply and send it back to you.

The type of feedback will differ, based on your audience, industry, or the services you provide.

Anytime Feedback enables customers to share their opinions with you at any time. Don’t make your customers wait until you decide to ask for their opinion –it could be too late! Have simple, clear ways and platforms available to your customers to allow them to freely share their opinions and feedback whenever they wish to provide it. This can give your business insight into what they are doing well and areas of improvement.

Planned Feedback however can be exactly what your business needs to keep people interested and engaged, if done correctly.  Particularly when introducing a new product or service to the market, customer feedback is essential. By involving your customers in the planning process you are due to receive a higher response rate.

In planning and making smart decisions for your organization, there is no better resource to help you make the right choices than your current audience.

So don’t miss the opportunity!

You and your colleagues are putting so much time and effort in your business. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your marketing and above all results.