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New Year Marketing Resolutions

New Year Marketing Resolutions

With 2013 done and dusted and the party celebrations over, now it’s time to move on to the toughest part of the New Year: setting goals for 2014 and following up with those resolutions. For us marketers it is important to keep up with the ever changing trends and changes within our profession and what better way than to set goals for the New Year ahead. 2014 acts as a fresh start for many organisations and setting resolutions will help us to stay focused and sharpen up our marketing skills set to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and insights for 2014.

1.       Make use of mobile capabilities

Mobile marketing is a continuously growing action with mobile traffic increasing significantly. Mobile advertising is on the rise with a projected 64% increase estimated for 2014. According to a recent Mashable article “Marketers are expected to spend nearly $47.6 billion on online ads alone in 2014, with $13.1 billion of that figure allocated for mobile ads.” With 17% of the time people allocate being spent on social media via mobile devices, it’s no wonder mobile advertising is escalating.  Many marketers are using mobile advertising and marketing to get consumers attention across a variety of social media and other online platforms.  So one resolution to mark for this year is to take advantage of the mobile capabilities!

2.       Tweet more and gain followers

Tweeting has become a very powerful marketing tool in recent years and 2014 is estimated to be the year of theTwittersphere. Therefore it is important to build up a plausible follower base and share inspiring marketing related content in order to appeal to and gain a wider audience and increase brand and company exposure. Therefore a top resolution for the year is to build up an impressive follower base through finding engaging content to share and increase twitter interaction. Websites such as Mashable and SlideShare can help to inspire and compile tweet worthy content and give our Twitter a boost!

3.       Don’t be afraid to use new Software tools

Marketing software systems are at an all time high. There are many new products and tools available to marketers that offer a vast range of new capabilities and services.  Most of these systems operate on and offer free trials and so should be easy to give them a try.

4.       Blogging

Blogging is a great way to attract new customers and visitors to your website and can showcase company highlights and expertise.  It can also keep your website content fresh and engaging.  The ultimate goal of websites is to drive new business and blogs can play a vital role in doing this. By creating a feed of engaging and relevant content about your business people will become interested in your services and brand.  So indeed we are ready to jump start 2014 with some top-quality blog content that will increase website activity.

So there you have a few small New Year Marketing Resolutions to kick start the New Year!