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Grovelands Childcare Appreciation Card


To reward parents and guardians whose children attend any of the Grovelands Childcare facilities in Athlone, Mullingar or Tullamore by giving them some extra value in return for their loyalty. To promote word of mouth referral from customer base. To create a tangible point of difference between Grovelands Childcare and its competitors.


The development and launch of a customer loyalty card – The Grovelands Childcare Appreciation Card- the first of its kind in the childcare sector in Ireland.  Parents and guardians whose children attend Grovelands Childcare  receive the Appreciation Card entitling them to exclusive deals and savings across a range of businesses in their local town thus providing extra value to Groveland’s families. All of these businesses offer a product or service relevant to families with small children.


A hugely positive response from Groveland customers.

A strong response and engagement from participating businesses. Indeed following launch businesses contacted Grovelands asking to participate in the scheme.

An increase in enquiries from potential customers.

Positive PR and media exposure for Grovelands Childcare and its founder Regina Bushell as a result of the initiative.