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The Top 3 Social Media Marketing Trends Estimated for 2014

After nearly a decade of what was known as the “social media revolution” it is no wonder that social media has reached a new level of maturity, and it won’t stop there. With the New Year on the horizon, it is of great interest to marketers to look towards the new and emerging social media marketing trends in the upcoming year. Will Facebook remain king of the social media world or is marketing set for another social media revolution? Let us look at the top cutting-edge social media marketing trends to expect in 2014.

The Snapchat Phenomenon

The Snapchat phenomenon is a new mobile messaging application in which you are able to send out texts, photos or short videos as messages known as “snaps” which auto-delete after ten short seconds. This new and trendy mobile application is taking the social media world by storm with over 5 million active users uploading over 150 million photos per day- its huge! Even the market leader Facebook wants in on the action after recently offering the app a 3 billion acquisition, which was soon declined. The fact that the snaps can be deleted after a few seconds greatly contrasts with privacy issues that are bothering other media platforms, hence acting as a great opportunity for brands.  This new and emerging trend has great potential to become a major marketing tool for marketers to interact and engage with customers. Snapchat marketing will be a new term frequently used in the near future.

The Rise of Twitter

The year 2014 will see the rise of Twitter over the domineering market leader Facebook.  Facebook has seemed to reach a certain level with more and more people beginning to switch to Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram as a social media forum. However with over 1.8 billion users is it evident that Facebook will be going nowhere anytime soon. The Fact that Twitter has now become a public company raises the Twitter status into the public eye and onto the social media stage. The seven year old platform acts as an opportunity for brands and SME’s to step up and become a part of a community without investing huge efforts in time and money on their pages.

Video Viral Marketing

Video or visual marketing is hot bang on trend in the present social media world. Visual channels are an excellent way for marketers to connect with their target audience and remain engaging. With 100 hours of video uploaded every hour, YouTube is remaining an extremely popular marketing medium. Instagram is increasing growing with its 15 seconds video with filters integration linked to Facebook. The recent development and rise of the Vine application has marked a huge opportunity for brands. Vine allows people to shoot and share 6-second videos. It unlocks creativity in its 6 second video capabilities, acting as a powerful tool for brand marketing in an entirely new art form.  Americas Dunkin’ Donuts franchise was the first company to create an advert from the unique Vine content. The advert made its debut during ESPN’S Monday night football as a 5 second advert to mark the beginning of the match, attracting vast audience coverage.

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