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Campaign Management

Advertising is probably one of the most common tools associated with marketing and includes many methods including: TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor, Online. The Marketing Department has years of experience and success in campaign management across all forms of advertising and has a network of contacts in all media sectors. When devising campaigns for our clients we propose the combination of advertising formats that will most effectively reach out to their target markets, with a relevant message, deliver optimum response and maximum return on investment.

Our service includes negotiating best rates, booking advertising as well as developing a compelling proposition, designing and writing the ad copy for your advertising campaign.


Direct marketing is an extremely cost effective way to advertise and promote a product or service to existing customers and contacts, targeted direct mail can also deliver successful results for new business prospects too.

If used correctly it is one of the most cost effective methods of getting your message across to your target audience. The Marketing Department has experience and success of many direct marketing campaigns using both traditional mail and email.


Online marketing is a rapidly expanding and increasingly important marketing tool for any campaign. Did you know that, 92% of online users making a purchase over the net use a search engine to find the relevant website.

The success of your website is not based solely on having a good looking website. It’s also about getting the traffic, qualified website traffic. By this we mean people who are actually and actively seeking your product or service. Our online marketing experts specialise in delivering customers to your business not just traffic to your website!

Considering that the vast majority of users seek what they are looking for using search engines, search engine placement is a necessity to compete in the online marketplace. We specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO), online paid advertising (Google Adwords), social media marketing, and website conversion optimisation.

By choosing the most relevant combination of online media to promote your website, The Marketing Department online marketing team efficiently minimises the cost required to reach and engage with your target audience, and achieve measurable results.  We use best practice analysis, reporting, and implementation to successfully create and monitor online marketing strategies, and to ensure that your return of investment (ROI) is maximised.


Social media marketing is a very cost effective way to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness. For smaller companies social media campaigns can be a cost effective way to increase website awareness and attract visitors to your website.

Social media marketing helps you get more out of what you’re already doing by deepening your relationship with your customers, and allowing your customers to share your content with their social network. Call it word-of-mouth marketing for the digital age.

Engaging customers on social networks like FacebookLinkedIn, Google Plus1, Twitter, YouTube helps you grow your business by both increasing customer loyalty and spreading your message to a new audience.

We make social media marketing easy by getting your business set up properly within each of these tools, training you and your team in how to drive them and working on a strategy and plan to make sure they’re kept fresh and updated.


Mobile marketing, did you know there are currently twice as many mobile phones as there are TV’s and computers? The youth market is now texting more than they are talking. The mobile phone is proving to be the marketing medium of the future and a cost effective one at that!

Mobile marketing can allow you, for low cost and minimum effort to;

  • Build a segmented database of customers who are interested in hearing from you
  • Talk to your customer directly, personally and with their permission
  • Drive sales, encourage repeat business and push footfall
  • Offer coupons that are never forgotten or need to be printed
  • Close the gap between your advertising and the customer spending
  • Measure the effectiveness and the return for your advertising spend
  • Get your message and brand sitting in your target market’s phones
  • Associate your brand with innovation

Together with our mobile marketing partners, The Marketing Department can assist you and your business to truly understand the mobile medium and show you how to drive it to best support your business and grow revenue.


Public Relations relates to any form of unpaid advertising or promotion of a company’s brand, products, services or people. PR is a very effective marketing tool often underutilised and sometimes ignored by many businesses.

At The Marketing Department we understand the importance of good publicity. Talk to us and let us demonstrate to you the usefulness of PR for your business.