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Strategy & Planning

Market planning is fundamental to success in your business. It is the key to growing your business in a focused way and making actions happen. Your marketing plan becomes a business tool that will help you to manage your business and work towards success.

Here’s what a marketing plan will do for you.

It will act as a map allowing you to identify the best mix of marketing activities for your business and show you how to progress these in a practical and measurable way.

The Marketing Department will complete a detailed review of your marketing activity and spend against your business objectives to ensure you are making the most effective use of your resources.

Don’t have the time or the people to implement your marketing plan? Don’t worry!

Allow us become your marketing team. We will make sure your plan is implemented with minimum stress to you whilst delivering powerful results.

We’ll report to you weekly/monthly/quarterly as required, showing the results achieved from your action plan.

What the action plan will contain?

  • An objective review of your current and recent marketing activity and how it worked
  • A detailed SWOT analysis
  • Identified market opportunities and customer segments to target
  • Potential product, pricing and distribution opportunities
  • An activity plan  - This to include actions to retain and develop more business from your existing customers as well as winning new ones. Depending on your business and target market this could include: – press advertising, radio advertising, TV advertising, direct mail, door drop, ezines, online marketing, mobile marketing, social media
  • Budget -The costs of the various campaigns recommended in the activity plan will be estimated and, where possible, typical response rates to these campaigns will be given
  • Measurement tools
  • A summary of the positive impact your business could enjoy by implementing a targeted marketing action plan

Contact us today and see how we can help unlock your business’s potential with a targeted marketing plan.