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4 Benefits of Working with a Klaviyo Agency Email Marketing Partner

If your business uses Klaviyo, then working with a Klaviyo Agency Partner like us here at TMD will bring you an advantage over your competitors and deliver you quick and positive email marketing results. 

What’s a Klaviyo Agency Partner? 

Being a Klaviyo Agency Partner means that we are recognised as trusted industry experts in creating and delivering successful email marketing strategies and campaigns for our amazing clients! 

As a Klaviyo Agency Partner, we get early access to information about the platform and other industry updates. We also get exclusive resources, support and training from the Klaviyo partnership program. 

If your business uses Klaviyo and needs help creating an email marketing strategy, it’s worth getting in touch with a Klaviyo Agency Partner like us. 

Here’s why… 

We Have Knowledge of Email Marketing Automation

To drive real value, growth and success from automation, also called “flows”, you need a team that understands the fundamentals and how to customise the automations for your specific business requirements. One size does NOT fit all.

As a Klaviyo Agency Partner, we can build you the best, most impactful flows for your business. 

There’s a vast variety of flows that we can incorporate into your email marketing strategy and we’ll help you save time and experimentation by quickly getting the most valuable flows set up for your business. 

We Know How to Keep Your Email Marketing Database “Clean” 

Every time you send an email to your list, Klaviyo specifically look for data like high bounce rates or high spam reports, as these indicate if you’re conducting your email marketing correctly or not. 

To avoid the risk of your emails getting directed to spam folders, your list health must remain in good standing to reach the maximum number of people.

Having a team like TMD that understands those issues and knows how to keep your list healthy is highly beneficial. As a Klaviyo Agency Partner, we know exactly what to look for and how to meet its standards. We’ll suggest when it’s time to cut subscribers from your list to maintain its health.

We Offer Expert Help with Segmentation

Segmentation is a crucial skill for email marketing success. List segmentation means we divide your email list into sub-groups, where the members of each group have something in common – such as VIP, engaged or disengaged customers or more advanced and specific segmentation, such as churn risk segments, location-based segments, the average order value segment and more! 

When we segment your email marketing list effectively, we are able to send more relevant and impactful emails to each segment – this significantly improves the likelihood of getting these emails opened and importantly converting them to sales! 

It’s our job as a Klaviyo Agency Partner to know the segmentation features available really well so that you can make the most of them. 

We’re Up to Date With the Latest Klaviyo Features

Klaviyo releases new features regularly, often much more quickly than the average e-commerce business owner has time to track. As a Klaviyo Agency Partner we work with Klaviyo every day to make sure our client’s strategies are kept updated with changes. 

One of our favourite latest features in Klaviyo is the new email template editor. This new editor allows you to upload custom fonts which means you can keep your marketing cohesive, aligning your email content with your website.

If you want help with your email marketing strategy using Klaviyo, get in touch with us today – email or call us on (090) 645 0611