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Making the invisible visible, tangible and meaningful! ….CityTree by DPD in Lisbon.

As part of their corporate and social responsibility programme, DPDgroup unveiled an innovative air quality monitoring programme pilot in 5 European cities in 2019 and 2020, amongst them Lisbon.

Already, the comprehensive data gathered by this innovative programme in Lisbon has enabled Lisbon’s city authorities to design a unique low emission zone in the heart of the city. This in the year it celebrated its success as European Green Capital Winner 2020.

To mark this development and DPD’s contribution to its realisation, DPDgroup recently unveiled two CityTrees in Lisbon in an event partnership with the city’s authorities.

The CityTrees act as a physical marker and a focal point for citizens of Lisbon to enjoy and help impactfully and meaningfully communicate the city’s commitment to reducing emissions in the city and DPDgroup’s stated commitment to improving air quality and quality of life by delivering green in 225 cities by 2025.

CityTree is an innovative wooden structure equipped with different types of moss that clean the air and produce oxygen for up to 7,000 people per hour.

One CityTree has the same effect as 275 urban trees but requires 99% less space.

As the introducers of CityTree to DPDgroup, we were delighted to see their installation in Lisbon realised. It was just a pity we weren’t there to enjoy the moment. But we love this video and all the pictures.

                                                                               CityTree by DPD - The Marketing Department (2)