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Chill Spa eCommerce Solution

Like many businesses, Covid-19 has caused many challenges for the Spa and Wellness sector. 

Through working with Chill Spa at Ice House, we recognised the need and opportunity to adapt to the unique challenges of Covid-19 and move the Spa retail products online. 

Using the Shopify platform, we recently built a new Chill Spa eCommerce solution featuring the all natural Yon-Ka Paris products, organic seaweed based VOYA creams, gels and oils (all made in Ireland) and a variety of pampering gift sets.

This platform gave Chill Spa the opportunity to sell their spa products online, retain an income stream to their business and stay connected with their customers, all despite being closed.

This eCommerce solution also gives spa lovers a confidence boosting and nourishing spa-like experience from the comfort of their own home. 

Check out the new online shop now!