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DPD UK’s First TV AD Campaign – Green Delivery Solutions

With more electric vehicles in more cities than ever before, and plans to continue increasing their fleet of alternative energy vehicles, the inspiration for DPD UK’s first TV AD campaign was simple. Show viewers just how far their network of more sustainable parcel delivery vehicles reaches.

With careful planning, countless risk assessments, remote location recces, and with a tight COVID free crew bubble, this campaign was shot on location in the UK in six cities over four days in early April. The 1,000 mile road trip started in Edinburgh and ended in London via Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff and Oxford. We went from lockdown in Scotland, to open in Liverpool, then back to lockdown in Wales before seeing things open again in London.

The AD campaign features some of DPD’s own drivers and promotes the brand’s commitment to sustainability. DPD are making Britain cleaner one delivery at a time through their investment in an all-electric zero emission parcel delivery fleet among many other initiatives.

According to Tim Jones, DPD UK Marketing Director, “we felt it was important to show just how seriously DPD is taking its commitment to all-electric delivery and TV was chosen to tell our story, given the reach and the visual impact we could achieve.  This is DPD’s first TV advertising campaign and showcases the Maxus edeliver which will enable us to double the size of our all-electric fleet this year.  We’ve had fantastic feedback to the advert from our people, our customers and the general public who all appreciate what we are doing to deliver emission-free in cities throughout the UK. The Marketing Department Watson Creative team have done a fantastic job for us, creating an advert that is highly memorable and shows exactly what DPD’s urban delivery looks like”.

“There’s something fantastically positive about DPD as a business. They don’t just pay lip service to sustainability. They are utterly passionate about it. Shooting this ad in 6 cities over 4 days meant hoping for the gods to smile on us. They did. We had sunshine every single day. As the saying goes ‘good things come to good people.” John Watson, Watson Creative

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at DPD UK to bring this campaign to life. Added to that, It’s great to see the green livery that we designed for DPDgroup applied to so many new electric and low emission vehicles in the UK and Europe.” Carmel Connolly, The Marketing Department.

The Marketing Department and Watson Creative have collaborated on a number of successful campaigns with DPD including, the launch of DPD Ireland’s Zero Emission delivery service in central Dublin, DPDgroup CSR Communications Strategy and a Pan European digital advertising campaign across 26 countries in Europe.