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We All Share The #SameAddress – DPDgroup Prequel Campaign

Through the COVID 19 crisis, we’ve all discovered a newfound appreciation of delivery services. They’ve been there for us all. You’ve seen the notes of thanks and heartfelt messages in people’s windows. For DPD’s drivers and workers, these expressions of gratitude have spurred a new sense of appreciation. Something to be celebrated.

DPDgroup wanted to shine a light on their key contributions to communities right across Europe and so asked us to create a communications campaign to show that more than ever parcel delivery service has emerged as an essential service.

From vital medical supplies to inspiring art supplies, from supporting fledgling online businesses to kitting out home gyms, they’ve been the invisible front line that have kept our home worlds turning. 

Our idea was simple. If there is one thing the virus has shown us, wherever we live, wherever our parcels are delivered, we are one world, one community.

The bottom line is… we all share the #SameAddress

DPDgroup prequel video campaign – “People delivering for people – We all share the #SameAddress

We shot first commercial for DPDgroup, due to launch in September, on Thursday March 12th just as the country moved into lockdown. So it was ironic to shoot this campaign  just as Ireland began to open up again. For all of us it was a brave new world. Working with Sweet Media and Director John Hayes, the ad was shot by a tight crew in Dublin, while we offered creative direction via live stream from Galway, streaming a live view from the camera to our clients in Paris too. It was surreal but brilliant.”
John Watson, Creative Director

The campaign is 100% digital and runs in 19 countries across Europe*. At its core is a 30 second commercial supported by a suite of digital and social assets. 

Speaking to Carmel Connolly at The Marketing Department “‘Every successful marketing communications project requires the best of both LEFT and RIGHT brain thinking. The Marketing Department and Watson Creative collaborate to give clients exactly that. Project management, planning and implementation that leaves nothing to chance. Creative thinking, strategy and execution that is best in class. DPDgroup are a fantastic client to work with. Their business has no borders and delivering for them from Ireland has been a joy. 

The Marketing Department and Watson Creative also recently completed DPDgroup new low emission fleet livery across all their business units in Europe and have several exciting projects due to go live over the coming months.

* Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.