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In 2022, Irish Agencies Collaborated to Launch the Pan-European Campaign for DPDgroup 

Last year, The Marketing Department and Watson Creative collaborated to create DPDgroup’s 2022 pan-European campaign to showcase the wealth of delivery options available to customers through myDPD, a platform that enables you to personalise your parcel delivery.

Directed by Bugsy Steel and produced by Sweet Media, the campaign was shot in Prague in July 2022. The premise is simple. Your life shouldn’t revolve around a parcel delivery. Instead, your parcel delivery should revolve around you. This idea is brought to life quite literally in a series of three films, showing people’s worlds around them effortlessly changing to ensure their parcel is delivered when and where they want it to be.

“Producing a pan-European campaign comes with lots of challenges. The biggest is language and localisation. Dubbing is ok with kung-fu but little else. So, we thought why not let the signage and visual cues that surround our daily lives become a vehicle for storytelling? 

Our films bring customers’ delivery preferences to the fore in ways that are surprising, memorable and fun. Big thanks to the talented team at Screenscene for making it look perfect and apologies for then having to do the same in 22 different languages, across three different brands.”

John Watson, Creative Director, Watson Creative

The campaign which is 100% digital, ran in 22 languages in 20 countries across Europe in late 2022 and early 2023. It was a major step in positioning DPD as a customer-centric brand focused on making consumers’ lives easier. It was also a key driver in DPDgroup’s data acquisition strategy to meet 30 million registrations to myDPD, miSEUR, myBRT by 2025. 

Carmel Connolly, CEO at The Marketing Department reflects on the project – “We’ve been privileged to work with DPDgroup, based in Paris, on three major pan-European campaigns since 2020. With each production, the scale and ambition grew and our collaborative and nimble agency model allowed us to adapt to meet client’s needs at every turn and we’re proud of the talented team we put together to produce the campaign.”

Agency – The Marketing Department (TMD) / Watson Creative

Client – Ingrid Maillard / Julien Jaques / Céline Bertrand

Creative Direction – John Watson / Dave Sturdy

Project Management – Carmel Connolly / Laura O’Dea

Agency Producer – Laurie Easterby

Director – Bugsy Steel

Production – Sweet Media

Post – Screenscene

Illustration – Paula McGloin

Photography – Adrian Stewart

Retouch – Jeff Bennett