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Facebook Removes the 20% Text Limit on Ad Images

Facebook have had a long-standing rule of a maximum of 20% text rule on all imagery used in ads on the platform.

Many of us with experience using the platform know the hardship the rule has caused and back and forth with creative teams as ad creatives rejected due to seemingly higher than allowed text volumes. Well, no more.

Direct communication from Facebook to media buyers has been received in recent days:


While this does not mean we should all start using our Facebook ad creative for purely text based imagery, it gives us a bit more freedom.

Best practice still applies that less text, more effective and impactful artwork is best. But at least the rules are less strict!

Goodbye to rejected ads because of a logo on a tshirt in the background of an image or text on a menu appearing in the image.

Thank you Facebook.

While no formal statement has been issued by Facebook, the updated page on text in ad imagery can be seen here