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We’re excited for the launch of the DPDgroup European campaign!

DPDgroup’s next communication campaign launches later this month and is focused on their environmental commitment, their vision brought to life by The Marketing Department team alongside Watson Creative and Sweet Media.

On the 23rd of September, DPDgroup will be starting their digital campaign “We all share the #SameAddress” broadcast in 21 countries to promote their environmental commitment. At DPDgroup, they believe that we are all neighbours who share the same address, and we must all protect the planet that we call home.

As the largest international parcel delivery network in Europe, DPDgroup also has a role to play. They are already minimising our environmental footprint by reducing our impact on air quality, fighting against climate change and improving everyday urban life for communities everywhere. Watch the teaser video of the campaign to find out more about what to expect over the next few weeks!

We all share the #SameAddress